I can't believe it's Plant Based.

Let's get cookin'

How It Works

Select Your Meals

What's for dinner? Choose your favorite available Chip and Kale meals among our specially selected 100% plant-based meal kits, 4 servings each.

Receive your order

We deliver your kits right to your door. Each meal is already chopped, measured, and frozen fresh for you to spend time in the kitchen as little as possible.

Take out of freezer, cook, and enjoy

Cook according to our easy-to-follow instructions. Our kits require only your basic pots and pans. Just 20 minutes (sometimes even less!), and your home cooked, delicious, nutritious, 100% plant-based dinner is ready! Enjoy!

New Meals Every Week

Let's get Cookin'

What's for dinner?

What's for dinner? Chip and Kale's meal kits are ready for you to cook any time you are hungry!

Order By Monday Midnight, local Pittsburgh delivery is every Sunday. Out of delivery zone shipping on Tuesdays.

Why Chip and Kale

Saving Time and Money

All are meal kits are premeasured, chopped, and ready for you to cook. Each meal kit is 4 servings, starting as low as $6.19 a serving.

Zero Food Waste

Meals are safely in the freezer to cook, when you are ready. Portion out any leftovers and freeze for later.


We don’t skimp on the quality of our ingredients. We freeze our meals at the most optimal level of freshness in order to preserve all of their nutritional value.

Healthy, delicious, and easy-to-cook

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be tedious, complicated, or expensive! Our chef creates mouth-watering and healthy recipes you will want to cook over and over again.

What our customers are saying

Wonderful recipes, great convenience, reliable delivery and reasonable cost, I love Chip and Kale!

Tonya K.

We absolutely loved every meal in our first order! Everything was prepped and ready to be cooked. It was so nice to not have to stress about dinner every night.

Beth B

Love your products. My wife and I were skeptics at first with a meal service. We’ve been very impressed by the quality, taste and ease in preparing the meals.

Jim K.

My son finally loves my cooking! Thanks for making this working mom’s life easier.

Shannon P.