Being Vegan: A Holiday Survival Guide

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As Vegans, we know the feeling. Holiday traditions are in full swing and that trip to Grandma's for dinner is right around the corner. Whether it's the silent but judgmental stares at your plate, or the passive aggressive comments, sometimes you can burn off the whole dinner before you're out of your seat with all of the work you have to do defending your plant-based lifestyle.

But is that the answer, or is there a way to put the jolly back in your season?

First, deep breaths and take a step back. Do a little soul searching and see if your family's concerns come from a well-intentioned place. Is grandma worried that you aren't getting a "well-balanced" diet? Does dad think you have anemia because you don't eat meat? If this is the case, then arming yourself with facts is the best answer. Retract those claws and instead gently reassure your family that your diet choices are the best, and healthiest for you. The family holiday dinner table is probably not the best time to try and convert any relatives to the vegan side, but you can point to the many elite athletes who thrive on their plant-based choices. Many sources not only list several vegan athletes, but also discuss their specific diets and how they make sure they're getting all the nutrients they need to build healthy and strong bodies. OK, grandma? 

Bringing a side-dish or two to the meal can help in a few ways. First, you know there will be choice for you to eat if there is nary a plant based dish to be seen on the table. Secondly, you can show your family first hand how delicious vegan food can be. Our friend and local Pittsburgh vegan Erin says, "I normally just bring a one pot dish to share so know I can at least eat something. Something like a veggie pot pie, butternut squash lasagna [or a] root veg Shepard’s pie. I always get nervous about bringing my own food but I have found people enjoy it without even knowing it’s vegan." 

Even better, to save time you can use our Christmas Meal Kit!

They are available for order now in 4 serving sizes (as well as gluten free options), and deliver the week of 12/16/18. Just in time for your holiday gathering. We're pretty sure dad won't turn away our apple strudel.

So now that we've tackled the vegan issue, lets move on to political discussions...Just kidding, you're on your own there! 

Happy Holidays from all of us at Chip and Kale! May your days be merry and your table full.



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